Calculator Girls

Calculator Girls

Calculator Girls Calculator Girls Calculator Girls

Women That You Can Count On!!! 

 Volunteer Organization

An elite group of volunteer warriors on the BATTLEFIELD

Our Mission


The mission of Calculator Girls is like a first response team, we respond to people in need to save and change lives. We come into your communities to enforce the power of active hands on volunteering. Calculator Girls films their Calculator People volunteering in helping others and organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life of people in the battlefield trenches of streets in various communities around the world. volunteer organization

Who Are We


We are an elite group of volunteer warriors on the battlefield for life. We come into your communities to enforce the power of active hands on volunteering. We are here to empower, volunteer, inspire, and restore faith to those in need. When called upon, our goal is for our team to respond in a timely manner. The Calculator Girls will not hesitate to do all that is required to lend a helping hand to serve others within the community and worldwide. We are here to serve others for we “Lean not on our own interests but the interests of others” Philippians 2:4. volunteer organization

Calculator Signs


  • Addition (+) Add      positive influences and things into your daily life.
  • Minus (-) Subtract the negative stuff-n-things and people in your life that keep you from growing and prospering.
  • Division (/) Divide your energy to be able to balance what life throws at you.
  • Multiplication (*) Multiply the number of positive attributes and influential people in      your life.
  • Percentage (%)  Give a percentage of your wealth, time, knowledge, wisdom, and ear to others. volunteer organization Calculator calculator girls

Benefits of People


  • Building strong communities while improving quality of life of others.
  • Creating community leaders and not consumers.
  • Encouraging communication and positive thinking.
  • Empowering people to respect one another and to strive for higher goals & achievements.
  • Instilling balance, hope, compassion, discipline, faith, integrity, and unfailing love. calculator girls volunteer organization

Volunteer Today


Calculator People are the integrated units of volunteers who are involved in active hands on volunteering in communities.  We are always searching for dedicate volunteers to join our people you count can on team with various community projects. Volunteering in the community is an opportunity to grow in humility and better  communities as well as yourself while sharing your time and services while building up the people in the community. Volunteering is also an opportunity to share your skills and knowledge to help others improve their situations or positions within communities. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us and share your area of interests. calculator girls volunteer organization

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